Jalapeños formed in November 2020 which means it is coming up to our half-year anniversary! In reflection of that time, here are a few of our proudest moments:

Staying Aligned

Jalapeños is a multi-disciplinary team: we are made up of Digital Product Engagement (DP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Data Science (DS). At times, we’ve found it hard to work as one team and collaborate, but this doesn’t disregard our strong efforts in staying aligned with one another and preventing silos. One major effort we make is our weekly sharing session. Every Tuesday, we have between 30 minutes and 1 hour set…

As someone who trained in the humanities, specifically Literature, it’s not hard to guess that I enjoy reading. However, it seems that since switching career to become an iOS developer that hobby has moved away from reading books to collecting books. Think the need for a new bookcase, an unlimited list of links in your notes, podcast series you’ve been meaning to listen to, PDFs saved in bookmarks and on the Desktop. If I had all of them in print I would need to convert the spare room into a mini library.

After speaking to other juniors, it became apparent…

Katie Jones

iOS Developer

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